New world?

“Humans are from Earth and Androids from Mars”.
A mis-quote.

Short but maybe not sweet.

The driving force that has populated the earth has been a mixture of evolution and luck. This force has been fuelled by competition at all levels. Every organism fights for its right to survive and this has been the essence of better life forms and ultimately cognition. If you can out think your competitor, this could be a much more potent weapon than any physical attribute. If this is true then consciousness could be the inevitable product of this ascending quality.

Humanity may have reached a dead end with its present form and technology may endow future humankind with augmented intelligence. This would produce a new elite and may force ordinary people to gradually disappear. You could have much reduced numbers with higher cognitive and somatic powers. This would not solve our psychological problems but hopefully more resources would be diverted to that. The ‘death by a 1000 cuts’ may also happen where we become so dependent on advanced technology that we lose our will to create and survive.

AGI might follow the brain’s architecture and introduce base competition as the blue print for a more self learning construction. This would make it a natural enemy for us as we would be its direct adversary.

It could be that after much friction, that the new human could live on Earth, while the more robust and non-oxygen needing AGI robots, on Mars.


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